BFA can assist your community with all aspects of your municipal projects.  Municipalities often deal with multi-faceted perspectives and viewpoints from numerous stakeholders.  We understand the working relationship the client must have with its government, businesses and citizens and we work diligently to nurture a strong relationship between BFA and all involved parties. This relationship enables us to provide proactive, responsive and cost-effective services.

Local Public Agency (LPA)

BFA’s LPA project experience covers all aspects of the project cycle, from grant application submittal to construction final close-out.

Municipally Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Stormwater Management involves design as well as inspection and enforcement activities for MS4 permitted communities.

Sidewalks & Trails (ADA)

BFA has provided sidewalk and trail design for a variety of projects and uses, including ADA accessibility.

Drainage & Stormwater Management

BFA has long been involved in the planning and preparation of hydrologic/hydraulic studies for stormwater projects and systems.