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Land Surveying Services

The foundation of Most projects begin with quality survey work. Since 1968 BFA has provided quality surveying services.

” Everybody I worked with at BFA were professional, knowledgeable and patient. In today’s world, these are qualities that are hard to find individually and collectively as an organization. Thank you! “
-Angela Lauer
Land Surveying – ALTA NSPS and As-Built Survey – Pochahontas IL
Land Surveying – Field Work and Stakeout Missouri – Spire
Land Surveying – General
Land Surveying – Plat of Survey – Gerald MO
Land Surveying – Plat of Survey – Washignton MO
Land Surveying – Subdivision Plat – Sullivan MO
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Civil Engineering Services

BFA has over 55 years of experience designing and providing engineering services for street, water, sewer, stormwater, flood management projects.

” BFA, Inc was our first choice to provide engineering and surveying services on our project. Their experience and quality of service is very exceptional in my opinion and I would encourage they be considered for any civil engineering needs you may have. “
-Joe Vernaci
2023 City of Cape Girardeau MO – 3241-6 Sidewalk and Stormwater Improvements
2022 City of Warrenton MO – 4437L – Hydraulic Analysis and Storm Sewer Design
2022 City of Twin Oaks – 3497-2N Curb Repair


2022 City of Cape Girardeau – 3241-6B – Small Bridge Design
2021 City of New Haven – 3061-47 – Fill Rite Waterline Extension
2020 St. Charles MO – 6006 – Pavement Replacement
2020 Spanish Lake MO – 4727 Burger King


2019 St. Roberts MO – 5028A – Jared Commercial Patriot Plaza
2019 City of Warrenton MO – 4437H and I- Sidewalk Replacement
2019 City of Marthasville – 4194B – Main Street Sidewalk Improvements (Hwy D)
2018 St. Charles County 3230 Neighborhood Improvement District On-Call Enigineering
2018 City of Washington – 4012 – Bluff Road Improvements
2018 City of Warrenton MO – 4437B – Warrior Ave


2016 Hazelwood, MO- 4241 – Laural Bluff Erosion Control Repairs
2014 City of Cape Girardeau MO – 3241 – Lift Station Addition, Force Main Upsizing, and Gravity Sewer
2014 City of Cape Girardeau – 3241-1 – Riverwalk Trail


2014 – Cape Girardeau, MO – 3241-4 – Business Park Sanitary Sewer Improvements
City of Twin Oaks – 3497- City Engineer


City of Twin Oaks MO – 3497-13A Sidewalk and Stormwater Improvements
City of Warrenton MO – 4437J – Sidewalk Extension and Stormwater Improvements
Municipal General
St Louis MO – 5508 – Chain of Rocks Delivery Station
Walmart Pavement Rehabilitation Projects
Washington MO – 2747 – Phoenix Center II – Commercial District and City Park
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General Services

BFA is multi-discipline, professional organization that is licensed to provide Professional Engineering and Professional Land Surveying Services. Please see our list of general services below or feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services.

” Their services ave been consistently excellent. We look forward to continuing to use BFA’s services in the future. “
-Stanley Polivick
2013 to Current Multiple Cities Plan Review
2009 to Current Multiple Projects – Expert Witness
City of Twin Oaks MO – 3497-13A Capital Planning
General Commercial Landscaping
Grant Writing


One Page General Summary of Services
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