BFA, Inc.


BFA is a consulting civil engineering firm located in downtown Washington, Missouri.  The firm specializes in Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Municipal Planning. Formerly known as Buescher Frankenberg Associates, BFA is an S-Corp business registered in the state of Missouri and has been in business since 1968.

We are approaching a 55 year legacy of expertise in designing and providing engineering and surveying services for street, water, sewer, stormwater, and flood management projects.


The defining factor in the success of every project we work on is the people that combine to create our talented and competent staff. We are not a group of individuals, but a team who effectively and collectively work together. In addition to the key individuals listed below, we have a talented and diversified staff of over 45 employees creating a complete complement of drafters, field technicians, and administrative personnel, all of whom are more than qualified to perform the services required for your project.


NAME: Raymond H. Frankenberg II, PE
POSITION: President

NAME: Mark R. Frankenberg, PLS
POSITION: Survey Manager

NAME: Rick G. Rohlfing, PE
POSITION: Senior Project Manager

NAME: John B. Schebaum, PE
POSITION: Project Manager 

NAME: James B. Quilacio
POSITION: Project Director / Project Manager

NAME: Tiffaney S. Danz, EIT
POSITION: Project Manager / Storm Specialist

NAME: Michael A. Oetterer, LSIT
POSITION: CAD Manager / Drone Manager

NAME: Jennifer L. Wendt
POSITION: Project Manager

NAME: Michael S. Meyer, PLS
POSITION: Lead Designer / SWPPP Specialist

NAME: Kent C. Vedder
POSITION: Designer / Site Inspector

NAME: Craig M. Winkelmann, EIT 
POSITION: Project Manager

NAME: Eric R. DeBold, EIT 

NAME: Aaron C. Wagner
POSITION: Survey Technician

NAME: Angelica J. Rodgers  
POSITION: Project Coordinator

NAME: Brandon L. Faragher 
POSITION: Design Drafter/Survey Technician

NAME: Jacob S. Walker  
POSITION: Project Manager

NAME: Bianca K. Storll 
POSITION: Financial Administrator

NAME: Steven A. Birke   
POSITION: CAD Manager/IT Technician

NAME: Shane A. Michel
POSITION: Lead Designer

NAME:  Brittany N. Schroeder
POSITION: Assistant Office Administrator

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