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“BFA, Inc has been instrumental in preparing me for my future in civil engineering. I’ve interned 3 times now, each better than the last. It’s an amazing work environment with a very welcoming group of people. Each summer I look forward to learning new things that they don’t teach in college. I’ve even been able to apply the knowledge BFA has given me in the classroom. BFA’s employees are very knowledgeable and experienced in drafting, surveying, and engineering. Since it is a smaller company, you are able to get one on one time with your supervisors, making it much easier to learn the complex topics. Each summer I’ve been able to get hands on experience in the field and to see what projects look like from start to finish. I’ve been able to sit in on meetings to truly see what all happens behind the scenes and how much work these project take. Not only have I gained valuable experience and new skills, BFA was a great first step to become acquainted with the professional work environment. I would highly recommend BFA to any student with an interest in civil engineering, drafting, or surveying!”

– Kate Angell

General Description

Intern and co-op positions will have the opportunity to experience real-world opportunities in several aspects of the Civil Engineering Field. Some of the roles that our interns/co-ops may experience include, but are not limited to, survey technician, drafter, designer, inspector, and assisting project managers.


This position requires pursuance of a degree or Certifications in Civil Engineering, Project Management, Surveying, Drafting, or related fields. The applicant should have exceptional communication skills, exhibit attention to detail, and be capable of cooperating with multiple team members.


The specific responsibilities of interns/co-ops include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Design/Drafting – Prepare civil construction documents that uphold our design philosophies. Provide the client not only what is necessary from a permitting standpoint, but also with a set of documents which will allow the successful bidder to construct the project efficiently and with minimal changes in scope of work. Integration and detailed understanding of multiple key factors are considered during the course of our designs. The following is brief list of some of these key factors:
    • Sound engineering practices
    • Municipal regulations and requirements
    • Client desired criteria
    • Sensitivity to costs and schedules
    • Construct-ability of the design
    • Recurring maintenance
  • Project Management – Work closely with our Project Managers when pursuing state and other municipal approvals. Assist the Project Manager(s) throughout life expectancy for each project by understanding the different processes involved with each project. Those processes include, but are not limited to:
    • Inspecting sites as needed for the project
    • Have a detailed understanding of the field conditions and challenges faced by the Owner or Contractor
    • Be able to convey specific design elements and overall project intent to the Contractor throughout construction
    • Coordinate approval of final construction by all authorities
  • Survey Technician – The Survey Field Technician is responsible for providing data collection and stake out in support of commercial, retail, municipal, and various other civil engineering projects. The specific responsibilities of the Field Tech include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Data Collection and Stake Out for land development plans, zoning plans, concept plans, and construction documents
    • Client Needs and Project Scope
    • The intent of the plan or plat that is being located or staked

Key Relationships

  • Project Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • AutoCAD Designers/Drafters
  • Surveyors

Apply Now

If interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume to:

HR Coordinator

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