BFA, Inc.

To date, BFA has completed 150+ peer reviews,

suggesting site design modifications with

potential savings of more $2 million.


BFA is one of four Engineering Firms contracted nationally by Walmart to conduct 3rd Party Engineering Reviews for proposed Commercial Site Design projects. BFA targets cost saving design considerations, as well as potential budget over-runs, on each review we perform.

Peer reviews are typically performed at two Design Stages during each project which are at Design Civil and Out to Bid and include a Summary Report of our findings.

  • Design Civils Stage (approximately 40% completed plans) we review documents for potential cost savings, safety concerns, coordinate the building layout with the Architect’s shell plan, utility entry locations and spot grades with the latest building prototype.  We also cross-reference the site design to the client’s site development guidelines and latest design criteria.
  • Out To Bid Stage (95% completed plans) we review the same items reviewed at the Design Civil Stage and also review other bidding documents for completeness, coordination, clarity, and conciseness. We review plans for potential cost savings, safety concerns, check for coordination of the site improvement plans with building plans, utility entry locations and spot grades with the Architects plans.

Any items that are not constructed “to plan”, but accepted by the owner may be noted in an “as-built” survey.  This information is recorded on the plan sheets to document the changes from the original plans.

The scope of our review covers, but is not limited to:

  • Prototype vs. Design Inconsistencies
  • Site Layout Efficiencies
  • Safety Concerns
  • Construction Plan Conflicts
  • Land Title Issues
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Geotechnical Report Findings & Recommendations
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