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An ALTA/NSPS Survey is most commonly performed on commercial property and is the most comprehensive type of survey. This survey is performed for the title company, the lender, and the buyer during the sale of commercial property in conjunction with a title commitment, to show all easements and title issues for the property.


Why is an ALTA/NSPS Survey Needed?

Title companies and lenders often request an ALTA/NSPS land title survey, especially in the event of a sale, refinancing or transfer of a parcel of commercial property. This type of survey shows more detail than other surveys and provides necessary information for sale or transfer approval.


ALTA/NSPS Surveys Typically Show:

  • Location and elevation of structural improvements on the property (buildings, fences, roads, etc.)
  • Zoning setbacks for the property
  • Information on property easements and their complications
  • Information on neighboring property owners and possible encroachments
  • Public road access
  • Location of water features and/or water boundaries
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