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A Construction Survey (also known as construction layout or construction stake-out) is a survey that presents locations and marks for construction activities.  This type of survey creates a visual layout of the construction plans on the property where the structures will be built. Using the construction plans as a reference, the surveyor places stakes throughout the build site to mark the location and dimensions of each element and structure to be built. This includes any buildings as well as the location of roads, walkways, curbs, plumbing, and drainage grades across the property.

A Construction Survey is Important

Construction staking helps reduce the risk of error by ensuring everyone involved with the construction knows precisely where each element must be placed.  For a construction project to be completed according to specifications, construction staking must be performed with a high level of accuracy by a licensed and experienced surveyorBFA has experience working for municipalities, MODOT, and contractors to stake-out the exact location and/or the elevations of streets, buildings, structures, or other improvements required to complete the proposed design improvements.

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