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When you need to visualize the actual boundary line of your property, BFA offers thorough property line staking services. This service is helpful and necessary if you need clarity on where to build a structure near the edge of your property, and it can prevent expensive encroachment issues with your neighbors later on. It can also help to clarify vague or inaccurate legal descriptions and resolve disputes with neighbors regarding boundary location.

When is property line staking needed?

  • If you are planning to place a structure or perform landscaping near the edge of your property.
  • A boundary survey identifies any encroachments (driveways, fences, buildings, etc.) on the property or crossing any of your boundary lines.
  • A boundary survey and drawing provide you with the exact property line measurements and locations of all structures (houses, barns, etc.), fences, or driveways related to those property boundary lines.
  • Completing a boundary survey can provide markings along your property lines which allow you to put up a fence on your property line in the correct location so that you don’t encroach on another property.
  • A boundary survey is the first step in being able to subdivide your property to divide it among family members.
  • A boundary survey should be done to make sure the building you’re constructing is properly placed on the lot and not encroaching on any easement lines.
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